Home Economics

The school also has a home science (home economics) laboratory. Children are taught handling several home chores in this laboratory, like cooking, first-aid and money management. Children are taught by expert facilitators.

The laboratory has all necessary kitchen commodities such as the refrigerators and microwaves.
While cooking is perhaps the skill people most associate with home economics, like personal finance, it is a practical skill that most people will need during life.

Studies show a high rise in obesity all over the world, which is thought to be caused by a combination of factors; like a more sedentary lifestyle, prevalence of fast food, and the high use of overly processed foods at home.

In a society when both men and women are preparing for careers, basic skills like cooking are often neglected. This school ensures that your child does not miss out on this important skill in life.  We teach children to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for themselves and their family no matter their schedule.
We also endeavour to teach children about the latest research in nutrition and food safety.