Delhi Public School Officially Opened

Delhi Public School Officially Opened

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL was officially opened last Saturday (October 31, 2015) by the education minister Maj. (Rtd) Jessica Alupo.

The minister, during the opening of the school, praised Sudhir Ruparelia for having established a legacy that will stand for a long term. “It would have been tricky to run the sector, without the support of the private sector. Sudhir has greatly helped us as a Government in growing our economy,” she added.

The school opened its gates, a few months ago, to all nationalities, who are interested in the Indian education system and curriculum.

Meanwhile, Alupo also noted that, “With the number of schools opened under the Sudhir Ruparelia Group of companies, including the kindergarten, primary and the university; it proves that like him other investors have taken advantage of our liberation policy.”   

She added that, “Within a short time, there are now 750 pupils at DPS, International. This proves that investors are collaborating well with Government to provide world class education,” observed Alupo.  “Since the introduction of Universal free Primary Education (UPE) government has been challenged by a deficit of schools in the entire country.”

The event was attended by Sudhir Ruparelia, his wife Jyostina, and their son Rajiv who are all directors of the school. Later, the parents and guests were treated to a diversity of traditional dances, poems and drama from Africa, India and USA.

Talking about the school’s curriculum, the school’s Principal Mary Jacobs said it has evolved through thousands of years into what it is today.
“It has propelled India into a technology, medicine, accounting and engineering power house,” revealed Jacobs.

Today, the school has students from Uganda, Zimbabwe, Sudan, India and China among other countries.
The day was crowned with sports competitions, in games like cricket, sack race, tug of war, and athletics.
Sudhir started Delhi Public School International early this year, adding it to the chain of his education institutions in the country.

The school was born through the merger of two different schools– Indian School of Uganda and the Delhi Public International School.

The acquisition of Delhi Public School International, added to his investments in education which include Kampala Parents School (2004), Kampala International School of Uganda (KISU) and Victoria University.

Sudhir, in his remarks noted that, “I felt that there was need to have an Indian School in the country, to cater for the massive number of students who are interested in studying in India and using the Indian curriculum. Every year, there are 15,000 students who leave the country to go to India for studies,” Sudhir explains.

With the acquisition of the Indian School of Uganda, this leaves Delhi Public School as the only institution using the Indian curriculum in Uganda.
Over the years, thousands of Ugandans have studied in Indian colleges and universities, especially in Pune, Bangalore and Delhi.