Mission and Goal


At Delhi Public School International Kampala, we try to recognize the imperative of imparting an educational experience that is world-class in every respect and which prepares children for global citizenship. We believe that a curriculum of excellence with a global dimension is central to the education of children to face the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and strength of character.
  • The School’s vision is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and which supports their all-round development, through discovering the joy of learning, awakening and illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensional ways, and instilling abiding values in themselves.
  • Encourage the students to develop a sense of responsibility towards their country and the world as a whole. 
  • Impart the right values to students including teamwork, selfation, sensitivity, compassion and applied learning. Provide outstanding teaching resources so that students' experience all round academic, intellectual, social, cultural, physical, emotional and spiritual development to a well-developed curriculum.


To foster the all-round development of children by facilitating their learning in an exciting, inspiring, challenging and innovative environment.
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      • To provide a safe, secure and inclusive environment in which each child can enjoy learning and strive for excellence.
      • To provide opportunities for children to step beyond the confines of classroom learning and the immediate context to explore new places and adventures.
      • To build a community of competent and caring educators, with rich experience and multi-cultural perspectives, and provide them continued professional    development opportunities.
      • To continuously improve the quality of education offered by regular review of curriculum and adopting best practices.
      • To inspire young minds to think creatively and laterally, solve problems and develop a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, and thus prepare them for future challenges and opportunities.

Here’s what sets us apart

DPS was conceived as an educational institution with a difference. Our policies are the real champion of our beliefs. Through our innovative techniques we strive to expose our students to a stimulating and enriching learning experience.

We believe that a teacher should play the role of a facilitator and not just a disseminator of textbook knowledge. Our teachers are highly experienced with a minimum qualification of Bachelor’s in Education. Through our interactive and engaging classrooms we ensure that children are active participants rather than passive listeners.

Our integrated learning approach is an activity-based learning process where experimentation, self discovery, high level of engagement and hands-on experience are given importance rather than simply rote learning.

Personal, academic, social and emotional development is given importance over basic cognitive development, ensuring that reasoning is not neglected. This interdisciplinary approach creates eager and active learning skills in students and ensures their overall development.