Long Term Vision

When knowledge is rooted deep in the ethos of Indian culture yet is a reflection of the world, you get an institution that’s truly global in nature. Welcome to Delhi Public School International (DPSI) – where learning meets global standards.

Through the Indian NCERT curriculum, DPS aims to deliver an education that has evolved over many thousand years into a world-class, globally respected system that has propelled India into an IT and Knowledge superpower.

The Indian Education system has also produced several major thinkers such as Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Tagore, Gandhi, J. Krishnamurthy, to name a few – who saw the child as a source of transformative energy. The DPS learning Framework allows children to be children, letting them realise their potential, by making provisions for opportunities where teachers link pedagogy with their life at home and the interaction in the classrooms with their experiences with nature.

Our ethos is a multi-dimensional responsibility that includes teachers and parents where the progress of what Maria Montessori called the child’s ‘absorbent mind’ depends on our ability to ensure that our teaching and activities have relevance to values and understanding, the two basic components of education.

DPS is a co-educational private school with an emphasis on the holistic development of children. Our high quality facilities nurture an innovative, creative, challenging and enterprising environment.

DPS ensures that a child’s attitude to explore is never inhibited and every opportunity is provided to help them learn, explore and soar, helping to establish themselves as true global citizens of tomorrow.

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Since its inception, the Ruparelia Group of Companies has been committed to the establishment and development of innovative pioneering and enduring businesses among various sectors in Uganda, including: banking, insurance, hospitality, conventions and leisure centres, education, real estate and floriculture.

In a period of over 20 years, values instigated by The Group’s Chairman, Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia, have been propagated in the operations and performance of the various Ruparelia Group businesses, most of which are the Country’s leading players in their respective sectors.

The acquisition of Delhi Public School International, adds to the Group’s multi-million dollar investments in education which include Kampala Parents School (2004), Kampala International School of Uganda (KISU) and Victoria University.

DPS is not just about academic brilliance; it’s also about being a knowledge centre of holistic education. Through our Integrated Learning Approach, we aim to nurture children’s thinking, analyzing and learning skills, creating value-conscious global citizens dedicated to personal and professional excellence - reflecting our philosophy of creating a multi-cultural learning community of Leaders who will lead by example.

We follow the CBSE syllabus and complement it with audio-visual techniques, computer-aided learning, visual aids, LCDs, charts, models, games, role plays, art, worksheets and more, which make learning an exciting and meaningful experience.

We encourage parents to feel part of the school and keep them informed through regular PTA meetings & written reports.